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Workshop CDs

Physicians and health care practitioners can learn to be experts in treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, ME, & MPS through Dr. Teitelbaum’s CD series: Workshops for Health Care Practitioners. The workshop CD series will teach you Dr. T’s proven, integrated treatment approach in a three-part certification program. Upon successful completion of the series, practitioners receive our certification and are added to our practitioner referral list.

"Teitelbaum's study is highly successful and makes Fibromyalgia a very treatable disorder. The study by Dr. Teitelbaum et al. and years of clinical experience makes this approach an excellent and powerfully effective part of the standard of practice for treatment of people who suffer from FMS and MPS - both of which are common and devastating syndromes."

— Journal of the American Academy of Pain Management, April 2002

The Three-Part CD Series Includes:

Part I: Foundation

Become an expert at recognizing and treating CFS/FMS. By the end of the first workshop you'll be able to effectively evaluate and treat patients using either an Integrative Medicine approach or an all natural approach with no prescriptions.

Part II: Advanced

Advanced training on treatments.

Part III: Pain Management Workshop

In-depth review of the causes of pain and how to eliminate it.

Benefits of Doing the Workshop

1.Both prescribing and non-prescribing health care practitioners will learn to be experts in recognizing, evaluating the causes of, and effectively treating fatigue, chronic pain, disordered sleep, hormonal disorders and cognitive dysfunction. CFS/FM can resolve if one treats the infections (e.g. yeast, parasites), disordered sleep, hormonal (including thyroid, adrenal, ovarian/testicular, etc.), and nutritional deficiencies in an integrated manner.
2.There is enormous demand for practitioners who know how to effectively treat these syndromes. Over 75,000 people a year visit our web site looking for help. Practitioners that complete our workshops will be highlighted on our web site referral list at no charge.
3.Our treatment approach requires no expensive equipment - simply your ears, mind, and heart.
4.You'll learn how to develop a simple, yet highly successful practice. Be free from involvement with insurance company and practice management hassles. We will teach you how to make a good living working 30 hours a week and spending as much time with each patient as feels best. You can finally be the healer and teacher that you meant to be, taking care of patients' not insurance administrators!
5.Our program has been proven to be highly effective in a recently published "gold standard" placebo-controlled RCT and has been accepted as "an excellent part of standard of practice" by the journal of the major pain society of the U.S. (see above). These also supply you with legal support for the treatments.

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