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Online Program

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What Is It?

The Online Program is an online, patented computer program that will analyze your symptoms and lab results (if available) and design a SHINE treatment protocol for your individual case. The process is simple. You simply register and fill out an online questionnaire. The program will then analyze your symptoms and history using the same assessment criteria that Dr. Teitelbaum uses with each of his patients. The result is a list of the suspected underlying causes of your CFS/FM and a detailed treatment plan, tailored to your specific symptoms. You can begin the natural remedies (dietary supplements) on your own (is there a way to emphasize on your own?). You can work with your practitioner to use your protocol as a custom guideline for utilizing the prescription remedies that will help you to start to get well now!

Why Do I Need It?

In 1995, Dr. T completed an important research study that showed that CFIDS and FMS are completely treatable (published in 1995 in The Journal of Musculoskeletal). The study also showed that multiple health problems occur in people with CFS/FM. It is crucial to thoroughly evaluate each case and to treat all of the underlying associated diagnoses simultaneously. It is essential to create a unique, personalized treatment program for each patient to follow. The process of evaluating the associated diagnoses of your CFS/FM has been simplified into Dr T’s online program.

Program Options

Option 1: Short Program (FREE)

The Short Program is a simplified questionnaire that takes only 20-30 minutes to fill out. It will determine which treatments are most likely to help you and supply detailed treatment instructions, but will not create a complete medical record of your case for your physician or evaluate you for other medical problems.

Click here to see a sample of the Short Online Program.

Option 2: Full Program ($160)

The Full Program takes approximately one-three hours to complete, but provides a complete and thorough medical evaluation and medical record for your physician. At the conclusion, it will provide you the following:

Lab requisition form to use in scheduling your local lab tests (an optional choice by you).
A detailed analysis that matches your symptoms with their suspected causes.
A treatment protocol with specific recommendations for prescription and natural remedies tailored to treat the causes of your CFS/FM.
An extensive history of any and all diagnoses that your practitioner should evaluate in conjunction with your CFS/FM.
A complete medical record for your practitioner. This will save your physician hours of time, allowing your practitioner to start treatment immediately.

Click here to see a sample of the Full Online Program.

Non-Prescription Alternatives

Both programs now offer non-prescription alternatives for most treatments. So the treatment program can be done on your own! We invite you to choose the program that feels best to you.

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